Altered Diva

This website is a tribute and not ran by Sindy Gripp, if you want to contact us, use the form below. Sindy Gripp a self-taught mixed media artist residing in Williams Lake, BC Canada. Her passion for paper, glue & scissors since about the age of 3 has finally paid off as her career as a professional artist is starting to take off. Her inspiration is everywhere, and with the help of a lot of caffeine, she manages to amaze people with her prolific creations! 

If you truly have the desire to create art, you just have do it! I always have piles of laundry or dishes to do, but I would rather sit at my kitchen table with the kids and “do art” as they call it. Art has become a part of our family and the kids really enjoy creating their own masterpieces right along with me.

Sindy’s art is beautiful, unconventional and with a true deep. Thomas, Thrills Casino

Sindy¬†also gets a lot of emails about where to find the images and materials that she uses in her pieces. The best resource has been her family’s long neglected photos, most of whom nobody remembers anymore. “Creating art with these wonderful old photos brings new life in place of the forgotten one. It is really fun making up imaginary adventures for these people…kind of like re-writing history!

Her art has been bought by people all over the world.